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Posted on 2012-06-03 07:13:45 by fartlover

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Nervous about farting?

Girl: No.

Ok. Can you fart on me?

Girl: Sure *sits on me*

How much gas do you have?

Girl: Enough to fill a car if it was a fossil fuel.

Ok. I'm ready.

Girl lets a SBD on my face.

Nice... you can sit on me forever.

Girl: Well, ok. *lets out more SBD's in quick succecsion*

What do you eat to get such smelly gas?

Girl: Everything. Everything makes my gas smell terrible.

Ok. *feeds her every bit of food he has on him, which is a TON of food*

Girl: Ohhh... *farts louder and WAY smellier than before*


Girl: I'm glad you are my cushion forever!

Me too...